Old news, but good news!

As we launch the new PIREL website, here is a quick summary of PIREL achievements from the past several months!

Award for best student paper

Jessica O’Donnell won the River Basin Management Society Award for Best Postgraduate Student Paper (Special Mention), at the 2012 6th Australian Stream Management Conference: “Managing for Extremes” for her presentation on ‘Depth, stratification and viability of seed banks in riparian systems.’

Rachael and Julia graduate!

Julia and Michelle on graduation day!

Report on modelling climate suitability for exotic plants in Australia under future climate

One of the outcomes of a recently completed ARC Linkage grant is the report on ‘Modelling climate suitability for exotic plants in Australia under future climate’ by PD Wilson, PO Downey, RV Gallagher, J O’Donnell, MR Leishman & L Hughes.

Julia Cooke wins the 2011 Haldane Prize

Julia Cooke won the Functional Ecology Haldane Young Investigator’s Prize for 2011, for the best paper by researcher at the beginning of their research career.  Julia’s paper, ‘Silicon concentration and leaf longevity: is silicon a player in the leaf dry mass spectrum?’ can be found in here and a podcast here.

Top citation rank for a PIREL paper

‘Native and exotic invasive plants have fundamentally similar carbon capture strategies,’ a paper written by PIREL members Michelle Leishman, Vivien Thomson and Julia Cooke and published in the Journal of Ecology Volume 98, Issue 1, pages 28–42, January 2010, is the most cited paper in that journal for publications in that year.

Children’s Book success

Julia Cooke’s childrens book My Little World, published by Omnibus Books (Scholastic), was recently included in the Premier’s Reading List for New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia and short-listed the 2012 Wilderness Society’s Environment Award for Children’s Literature. For more information see here.

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