Things to see in Biology

The Biology building at Macquarie University is fascinating place to work.  There are many displays to look at and explore.  There is a museum, filled with shells and bones, bottles and machines as well as some living lungfish.
Below (L-R): A selection of shells, a preserved snake and a thorny devil, beetles and butterflies.

But there is so much more – many pictures on the walls and display cases full of objects and information.  Many of the pictures have been taken by biology staff.
Below (L-R): Photos by Ron Oldfield, a display of Australian plants by Alison Downing, photos by Paul Duckett.

There beautiful gardens around the building, built up over the years by keen members of staff, both researchers and groundsmen, supplemented by plants left over from experiments.   There are signposted walks in the gardens.  Inside, there are wood displays and a ‘Plant of the Week’.
Below (L-R): A sign from the Plant Evolution Walk from the Arboretym, a Plant of the Weed display about Bryophytes, a display of wood sections prepared by Brian Atwell.

There is sculpture, both permanent and transient, and many books published by staff. Below (L-R): Tsunami 2011, by Jane Gillings, Autumn leaves by Mike Gillings and staff publications.

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