2012 has been a productive year already for PIREL with several publications:

Birnbaum, C., Barrett, L.G., Thrall, P.H. & Leishman, M.R. (in press) Mutualisms are not constraining cross-continental invasion success of Acacia species in Australia. Diversity & Distributions (link)

Cooke, J.Leishman, M.R. (in press) Trade-offs between foliar silicon and carbon-based defences: evidence from vegetation communities of contrasting soil types. Oikos

Cuneo, P.Leishman, M.R. (in press) Ecological impacts of invasive African Olive (Olea europaea ssp cuspidata) in Cumberland Plain Woodland, Sydney, Australia. Austral Ecology

Gallagher, R.V.Leishman, M.R. (in press) Contrasting patterns of trait-based community assembly in lianas and trees from temperate Australia. Oikos

Gallagher RV, Hughes L & Leishman MR (in press) Species loss and gain in communities under climate change: consequences for functional
diversity. Ecography

Gallagher RV & Leishman MR (in press) A global analysis of trait
variation and evolution in climbing plants. Journal of Biogeography

Harris, C.J., Dormontt, E.E.,  Le Roux, J.J., Lowe, A., & Leishman, M.R. (in press) No consistent association between changes in genetic diversity and adaptive responses of Australian acacias in novel ranges. Evolutionary Ecology

O’Donnell, J.O., Gallagher, R.V., Wilson, P.D., Downey, P.O., Hughes, L., Leishman, M.R. (2012) Invasion hotspots for non-native plants in Australia under current and future climates. Global Change Biology 18, 617-629.

Tooth, I. & Leishman, M.R. (in press) Elevated carbon dioxide and fire reduce biomass of native grass species when grown in competition with invasive exotic grasses in a savanna experimental system. Biological Invasions

Tooth, ILeishman, M.R. (in press) Post-fire resprouting responses of native and exotic grasses from Cumberland Plain Woodland (Sydney, Australia) under elevated carbon dioxide. Austral Ecology

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