Data sets arising from research undertaken in the PIREL lab are archived here.

Leishman MR, Cooke J, Richardson DM (2014) Data from: Evidence for shifts to faster growth strategies in the new ranges of invasive alien plants. Journal of Ecology.                                                                                                                                                                           Dryad Digital Repository:

Cooke J, Leishman MR (2016) Data from: Consistent alleviation of abiotic stress with silicon addition: a meta-analysis. Functional Ecology.                                                          Dryad Digital Repository:

Carthey, AJR, Tims, A, Geedicke, I, and Leishman, MR (2018) Broadscale patterns in smoke-responsive germination from the south-eastern Australian flora. Journal of Vegetation Science.

Geedicke I, Oldeland J, Leishman MR (2018) Urban stormwater run-off promotes compression of saltmarshes by freshwater plants and mangrove forests. Science of The Total Environment.

Gufu G, Leishman MR (2018) Exotic freshwater vascular plants in Australia. Cunninghamia.                                                                  Naturalised_Freshwater_Macrophytes_AU

Fernandez Winzer L, Berthon KA, Entwistle P, Manea A, Winzer N, Pegg GS, Carnegie AJ, Leishman MR (2020). Direct and indirect community effects of the invasive plant pathogen Austropuccinia psidii (myrtle rust) in eastern Australian rainforests. Biological Invasions.     FernandezWinzer_etal_2020_Direct&IndirectEffectsMR_DATA


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