Laura’s first myrtle rust paper

Congratulations to Laura Fernandez who has had her first paper on myrtle rust accepted for publication in Austral Ecology!

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Samiya has done it again!!!

Congratulations to Samiya on getting her honours project published in the Australian Journal of Botany. Well worth a read!!!

Tabassum, S. & Bonser, S.P. (2017). Allometry in the terminal velocity-dispersal architecture relationship explains variation in dispersal and offspring provisioning strategies in wind dispersed Asteraceae species. Australian Journal of Botany, 65, 149-156.

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More on crushed sandstone

Just like the relief that follows the excitement and anticipation of the next Game of Thrones episode, here is the final post on the crushed sandstone saga.

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Alan’s crushed sandstone work

The small experiment I performed in the glasshouse is for the unit BIOL701 and I volunteered to write a blog as part the assessment for the unit .  Here is part 1 of the story. The target audience is Local Council and National Park staff, and the blog was written assuming the group has a broad range of scientific experience.  Feel free to comment.

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Samiya’s MSc paper published

Hot off the press: “Trait values and not invasive status determine competitive outcomes between native and invasive species under varying soil nutrient availability

Read it at

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Congrats Samiya!

Well done to Samiya – best field-based seminar at the MQ Biology HDR conference this week!

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PIREL and the Wright Lab visit the Macquarie University Ecology Reserve

Last week we made the best of the good weather and went out looking at plants (instead of reading papers inside!)

Here are some pics, courtesy of Ina Geedicke.


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