Current lab members

Michelle Leishman – Professor

Michelle works with plant functional traits and ecological strategies of plants to understand the success of invasive plants, predicting the success of invasive plants with climate change and developing sustainable vegetation restoration methods. [Michelle’s website]

Alexandra Carthey – Post doc

Alex is broadly interested in novel species interactions resulting from invasions. She has previously worked on naivete in predator-prey interactions but has now turned her focus to novel interactions between plants and their vertebrate herbivores. She is particularly interested in the role of chemical communication in these novel species interactions. From July 2016 she will take up a Macquarie University Research Fellowship to investigate how plant chemicals influence the use of native and exotic plants by vertebrate herbivores in Australia.

Anthony Manea – Post doc

Anthony is broadly interested in how plant invasions will be altered in a high CO2 world. He is currently working on comparing the volatile emissions, resprouting ability and growth responses to extreme rainfall of native and exotic species.

Laura Fernandez РPhD Candidate

Laura is concerned about the ecological impacts of Puccinia psidii (myrtle rust), an invasive fungus which is attacking the dominant tree family in Australia, with especial concern on change in species composition and abundance in the understorey of susceptible species and recruitment after fire. She will be performing glasshouse trials as well as fieldwork, mostly in the north of NSW.

Samiya Tabassum -PhD Candidate

Samiya is interested in the evolutionary ecology of invasive species, particularly the factors that drive rapid range expansion.

Ina Photo

Ina Geedicke – PhD Candidate

Ina is jointly enrolled at Macquarie University and University of Hamburg, Germany. She is investigating the impact of stormwater outlets on urban saltmarsh and mangrove distribution and how urban pollution affects the health of estuarine wetlands. [Ina’s website]

Guyo Pic

Guyo Duba Gufu – PhD Candidate

Guyo is interested in studying the response of invasive freshwater macrophytes to climate change. His research is mainly conducted in the glasshouse and plant growth cabinets.

Wendy Grimm- Masters Candidate

Wendy is interested in the study and conservation of native plants in the environment. She will complement eight years of field data with ongoing laboratory studies to examine the biology and ecology of the inconspicuous but endangered local terrestrial orchid, Genoplesium baueri.

Alessandro Ossola- Post doc

Dr. Alessandro Ossola is an ecologist and environmental scientist. His overarching research interests focus in unravelling the functional links between habitat, biodiversity, humans and eco-hydrological processes at multiple spatial and temporal scales.

Alessandro now serves as Research Coordinator of the Which Plant Where project at the Centre for Smart Green Cities. His work will provide critical insights on how urban plantings can fail, survive or thrive in different climatic and edaphic conditions across Australian cities.


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