Michelle Leishman


My current research focuses on understanding the success of invasive plants, plant and vegetation responses to climate change, plant conservation and adaptation under climate change. I also lead the Green Cities project at Macquarie University in collaboration with Western Sydney University and NSW Office of Environment & Heritage. Specific projects include:



  • Understanding plant success in novel ranges
  • Responses of invasive plants to elevated CO2
  • Climate change and threatened species
  • Ecological impacts of Myrtle rust
  • Evolutionary ecology of smoke-promoted germination
  • Facilitating green cities

Research collaborators on some of these projects include Dr Tony Auld, Dr Angus Carnegie, Professor David Ellsworth, Dr Linda Beaumont, Dr Rachael Gallagher, Professor Lesley Hughes.

I am Director of the MQ Centre for Green Cities and Deputy Director of the Biodiversity Node of the NSW Adaptation Hub. 

I am on the Board of Bush Heritage and the Royal Botanic Gardens and Domain Trust and am a Council Member of the Australian Flora Foundation.


I am currently supervising a number of Masters and PhD students.  Follow the links from the lab members page to learn more.


Click here for a list of my publications.

Google Scholar citations page is here

Thomson Reuters Researcher ID G-9726-2012


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